What is Scalar Heart Connection®?

Scalar Heart Connection® is a process of energy healing that uses our heart’s innate connection to the energy/quantum field within which all matter exists to identify non-coherent frequency patterns that are limiting our lives. As with Resonance Repatterning® and other energy based methods, its premise is that the frequencies we hold in our body-mind field are a filter through which we perceive our reality, and that changing these frequencies – in the case of Scalar Heart Connection, through a set of tones known as the Quantum Healing Codes – can alter our perception and the reality we experience in our lives, our work, and our relationships.

Developed by Stephen Linsteadt, who has over three decades of experience in the field of energy healing, Scalar Heart Connection is a unique tool for personal transformation and self-healing. With its straightforward process, simple interface, and integration of archetypal patterns, Scalar Heart Connection can help us identify limiting beliefs, unmet needs, negative emotions and life-depleting habits we are ready to release and transform them into life-enhancing, positive emotions and beliefs that can have ripple effects throughout our lives, our work, and our relationships.